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Whom do you admire?

Air Date: 12/27/12 As you're knocking around with your children during the holidays, it makes an interesting discussion to generate a list of all the qualities they admire in their role models. Ask your kids whom they admire and what about them is so special. Good options include family members and friends, teachers, coaches and more. You can include historical figures and even comic book characters. Come up with your list of heroes and heroines. If you know enough about them figure out their flaws as well so your children can know that they don't have to be perfect to be a hero. Help them understand the quality of overcoming adversity. Develop an overall picture of what they admire and use that picture to help them figure out how to solve dilemmas and problems as they arise. This week, Dr. Jankovich discusses great examples of how to put this idea into action and hold your children accountable to the character path they admire this holiday season on this week's edition of Relationships.