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Test Anxiety

Air Date: 04/25/13 Test anxiety has always been around and maybe more now that "No Child Left Behind" has been passed. Test Anxiety has been discovered in children as young as first graders. Some should be anxious because they haven't studied, but even those who are prepared sometimes can't access the information in the moment out of anxiety. While a little stress can increase performance, too much can take up all of your working memory and make it so you can't work through problems and remember info needed. As a parent, it is important to approach your child with caution. Listen to what they say about how they think they will do on the test when you ask? Listen to their fears and then come up with positive statements to wrap them around. Help them ride out their concerns and help them relax. Even teach them physical relaxation methods to keep them grounded. Hear more on how to help your child on this week's edition of Relationships.