Manifestantes sientan en el medio de la calle.
Karina Gonzalez

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Reno Monday morning to speak at a conference for the National Association of School Resource Officers at the Peppermill Resort. Roughly 200 people gathered outside to protest Sessions and President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Reno Public Radio’s Karina Gonzalez has the story.

Paul Boger

Just one day after President Donald Trump's inauguration, thousands of demonstrators from Northern Nevada and Eastern California took to the streets of Reno calling for solidarity against the new administration. As Reno Public Radio's Paul Boger reports, protestors say they will fight for equal rights, income equality and the environment. 


Marching down Virginia Street, peaceful protestors held signs with messages like "love trumps hate," "my body, my choice" and "women's rights are human rights."

Photos: Black Lives Matter March In Downtown Reno

Jul 16, 2016
Marcus Lavergne/Reno Public Radio

Protestors at a Black Lives Matter march that took place Friday evening filled downtown Reno's public pavilion in a show of solidarity. The steel-lettered, iconic Believe statue standing in the background became the perfect centerpiece as an electrified crowd surrounded it. As speakers delivered powerful speeches and the group chanted in unison, passersby couldn't help but turn their heads to take a look at the spectacle.