Chauvin Trial Judge Denies Request For Jury Sequestration After Police Shooting

After a fatal police shooting near Minneapolis on Sunday, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's attorney expressed concern that jurors in his murder trial could be swayed by the events. Judge Peter Cahill denied the request to re-question jurors and immediately sequester them. Cahill said the jury would be fully sequestered beginning next Monday when closing arguments are expected to start. Defense attorney Eric Nelson asked that jurors be questioned on what they had heard about...

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An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



7:34 p.m. | April 9. 2021



Nevada Reports Largest Number of New Cases In Nearly A Month
By Paul Boger

Nevada health officials reported the largest single-day increase in new coronavirus cases in nearly a month. 

An image of school lockers.
Alexa Ard / KUNR Public Radio

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Monday, Apr. 12, 2021.

The White House recently announced that it would not create a federal “vaccine passport” requirement, or proof that you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. Even so, leaders in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah have rejected such requirements, using everything from denunciations to executive orders to planned legislation.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland met with tribal leaders as well as Utah state leaders Wednesday in San Juan County to talk about Bears Ears National Monument. They toured the monument together Thursday morning.

A screen capture of a Zoom call with 16 attendees.
Paul Boger / KUNR Public Radio

Nevada lawmakers have less than two months until they're forced to wrap up the 2021 session, and they still have a lot of work left to do. For the past week, legislators have cloistered in their offices, holding marathon committee hearings on hundreds of bills. To help us make sense of it all, KUNR’s Morning Edition Host Noah Glick spoke with Political Editor, Paul Boger.

A photo from above of a gravel lot. In the front is a line of three cars. In the back right corner, there are four rows of cars. In the back left corner, there is a carport with six entrances. There are cars at every other entrance.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

A COVID-19 vaccination site in Churchill County is offering the vaccine to anyone 16 and older regardless of what county they live in. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck stopped by the site on Thursday to learn more.

An image of Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Here are your local news headlines for the morning of Friday, Apr. 9, 2021.

As more Americans get vaccinated, they're finally preparing for long-delayed vacations. But if they want to visit some big-name national parks in the West, they may need a reservation.

President Biden is pushing hard to get more Americans to buy electric vehicles to rein in global warming and spur domestic manufacturing.

The $2 trillion infrastructure plan he is trying to sell to Congress includes about $174 billion to boost electric vehicle sales and production — more than the president proposes spending on roads and bridges.


Last month, Deb Haaland made history as the first Indigenous person ever confirmed by the Senate to serve in a president's cabinet. In her first official trip as secretary of the Interior, she visited the Mountain West with a focus on tribal issues.

Four masked people are sitting at a table. Christopher Hazlett-Stevens is sitting furthest away, facing the camera, peering over his glasses at a man in a black sweatshirt, work boots, and a face shield, with his back to the camera.
Lucia Starbuck / KUNR Public Radio

The Reno Municipal Court relaunched its Community Court program Wednesday to provide unhoused individuals who have committed minor offenses with resources instead of jail time. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck stopped by to learn more.


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A movie poster for the film "French Exit." Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges are sitting in the back of a car with a black cat between them. They are both looking forward with straight faces.
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