Trump Threatens To Cancel California's $929 Million High-Speed Rail Grant

The Trump administration says it intends to cancel a $929 million federal grant for California's high-speed rail project. The administration also wants to reclaim another $2.5 billion in federal funds already spent by California on the project. The Department of Transportation is accusing California officials of missing several deadlines tied to the $929 million appropriation for the state's high-speed rail line. In a letter from the Federal Railroad Administration to the California High...

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Editor's Note: This story has been corrected to clarify that at this time, the freestanding emergency care center is slated to open in 2020. A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the facility had already opened. We apologize for the error.

Northern Nevada Medical Center recently held a groundbreaking event for its planned freestanding emergency department in northwest Reno, which is slated to officially open in 2020.

Two skiers stand on snowy mountains.
Amy Westervelt

Several feet of snow have fallen around the Lake Tahoe region but a report by the Department of Energy says Tahoe will see a significant decline of snow levels over the next 80 years. 

Northern Nevada is making room for industrial space this year, sectioning off 4.5 million square feet of land, but developers are facing some hurdles. 

Paul Boger

UPDATE: Nevada's Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak has signed into law a bill that would require background checks on nearly all private gun sales and transfers.

Paul Boger

The first week of Nevada's 2019 Legislative Session is in the books, and to help us make sense of the goings-on in Carson, KUNR's Political Reporter Paul Boger sat down with News Director Michelle Billman to discuss the latest from the capital city.

A shot of a bleed control kit, wrapped in cellophane and a rubber band.
Krysta Scripter

Avery Baldwin is the education program coordinator and a paramedic at REMSA, the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority, which provides ambulatory services for Northern Nevada. He says more people have been requesting bleeding control courses in the wake of hostile events like mass shootings and bombings. It can take EMS a few minutes to get to an emergency location, he says, and that time could mean the difference between someone dying of blood loss and someone surviving. 

Pacific Gas & Electric could shut off power to more than 5 million customers when extreme weather conditions are ripe for wildfires to break out, the company said Wednesday. It's an expansion of the company's previous power shutoff program, which only let the company turn off power to about half a million customers.

A vast system that brought snow and cold to normally milder cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and even Las Vegas was moving eastward into the central part of the country on Wednesday. The country's midsection from New Mexico to Michigan was blanketed in frozen precipitation. The system caused treacherous travel, shuttered schools and even closed ski resorts.

Workers pick up rocks near Fallon, Nevada.
Courtesy of Armando DeCarlo.

In the 1930's, the effects of the Great Depression reached nearly every community in the United States. In this segment of Time & Place, Historian Alicia Barber describes one federal relief program that helped rebuild Nevada while putting thousands of Americans back on their feet.

A paramedic stands in front of a podium and table. Behind him the REMSA logo can be seen.
Krysta Scripter

Last year, there were 340 mass shootings nationwide. That’s according to the nonprofit the Gun Violence Archive. Mass casualty events can cause mayhem, delaying first responders from getting to the scene quickly. KUNR’s Anh Gray visited a training session for a national campaign called Stop the Bleed, which empowers bystanders to render aid.


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