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University of Nevada, Las Vegas professors Naoko Takemaru (left), Cha-Jan "Jerry" Chang and Patricia Navarro-Velez were killed during a shooting on campus on Wednesday. Takemaru oversaw UNLV's Japanese Studies program while Chang and Navarro-Velez were both professors in the business school.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Authorities said that the shooting suspect mailed letters to University of Nevada, Las Vegas employees across the country and that at least one letter contained a harmless unidentified white powder.
More than half of Nevada counties are considered maternal health care deserts. So what does this mean for expectant parents, especially those from rural communities? KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck spoke with parents, mobile health care providers, and doulas to find out.
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Purple Politics Nevada with Lucia Starbuck has returned for its second season, which follows Nevada politics and the 2024 election. The next episode airs on Dec. 15.
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