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Not everybody is great at coping with problems.  Some people are taught from an early age how to cope but some are not.  Some children grew up exceptionally lucky or with parents that protected them from their problems and they didn't learn how to pick themselves up when life puts them down.   Coping is a skill as a parent you want your child to learn through having to deal with their own modest problems, but remembering that they don't have the life skills to make all of their large decisions on their own.  As an adult, coping is all about not looping back to the idea that everything is terrible and things will never work out.  It's important to recognize that things didn't work out the way you wanted and accept it.  Then, you must without getting stuck in that mindset start evaluating how you can improve for next time and muster up the emotional strength to kick into gear without looping back around to the idea that things will never work out.  Hear suggestions on how to cope during difficult times on this week's edition of Relationships.  Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursday mornings on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-322-1839.