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Business Support

KUNR relies not only individual contributions, but also on support from area businesses. That support is recognized with on-air "credits." The 15-second messages, written in a required format and read live by KUNR hosts on the air, are provided in return for the financial support of businesses.

For more information, call (775) 682-6300 or e-mail to sponsor@kunr.org. 

Who is the KUNR listener?

The essential quality that distinguishes public radio listeners from other media audiences can be aptly described by one word - 'more.' Public radio listeners are driven to learn more, to earn more, to spend more and to be more involved in their communities.

KUNR Listeners Are Your Best Customers

KUNR listeners have many traits and characteristics that make them some of your best customers. NPR listeners are community and business leaders and lead active lifestyles. KUNR programming reaches one of the most educated and affluent audiences in the region.

KUNR Listeners Will Hear Your Sponsorship Credit

Compared to commercial radio, public radio has fewer and shorter breaks, which reduces clutter and allows your message to reach the audience.

KUNR Listeners Appreciate Your Support

Public radio has loyal members and listeners, 80 percent of whom 'prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio.' This 'halo effect' creates the ultimate connection between your company and KUNR's listeners.

KUNR listeners are...

Educated - 309% more likely to have an advanced college degree than Reno market average for other media.

Business Professionals - 300% more likely to have a professional/technical occupation than Reno average.

Affluent - 96% more likely to have a household income of $100,000 plus than Reno average. NPR listeners are 118% more likely than the average American to be in the Top 10% of household income.

Culturally Aware - 176% more likely to have attended cultural events in the past year than Reno average.

Public radio listeners are also... Active Consumers, Business-to-Business Purchasers, Key Community Leaders, Technologically Cutting Edge, World Travelers, Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts, Book Readers.

How do I reach KUNR listeners?

Underwriting is the term used to describe on-air announcements about corporate and retail businesses and nonprofit organizations, and their services and events. Learn more about reaching KUNR's highly desirable audience through an underwriting program.

For more information, call (775) 682-6300 or e-mail to sponsor@kunr.org. 

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