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Subway Is Cutting Antibiotics From Its Meat


Earlier this month we ran a feature on antibiotics in meat and how they’re linked to superbugs in humans. Now, Reno Public Radio’s Amy Westervelt reports that the major restaurant chain Subway will actually be eliminating all antibiotics from its menu.

The sandwich chain was heavily criticized in a recent report on U.S. restaurants and their antibiotics policies. David Wallinga, with the Natural Resources Defense Council, was a medical advisor on that report.

“Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world. They operate in 110 countries. They have an incredible opportunity to affect how meat’s produced all along the supply chain just because of their size," he explains. "And yet they’re one of the companies that were rated with an F in the report because they don’t have a clear policy and they haven’t made a clear commitment to reducing the routine use of antibiotics.”

Now the restaurant chain says it will remove antibiotics from its chicken by 2016 and from its entire meat supply chain over the next nine years.  That means you’ll be able to enjoy an antibiotic-free chicken ranch melt from any of Reno’s 10 Subways as early as next year.

Amy Westervelt is a former contributor at KUNR Public Radio.
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