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Reid Backs Proposed Measure To Diversify Power Delivery

Julia Ritchey

Sen. Harry Reid says he supports two proposed ballot measures to boost the rooftop solar market and break up the power monopoly held by NV Energy. 

"Solar is good all over the country, but this is where it's pronounced," he said during a Reno stop on Wednesday to promote Saturday's Democratic caucus. 

Reid says he's even relayed his support for the two ballot initiatives to NV Energy President Paul Caudill. 

"They haven't been written or approved —and I'm sure everybody will file a lawsuit against them — but conceptually they're both great," he says. 

A group called Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices has proposed an amendment that would allow customers to choose their energy providers by 2023. A separate measure would restore Nevada's net-metering rules following recent price hikes approved by the Public Utilities Commission. 
"One would be to get net-metering some power to mean something, and the second one is just to basically deregulate the power company," he says. "To allow a change in the 130-year-old power delivery system we have in Nevada."

Julia Ritchey is a former reporter at KUNR Public Radio.
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