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Coyote Sightings Up In Western Nevada

Kevin Bovard

It's the time of year when coyote pups begin venturing out to hunt on their own. This means more sightings in urban areas and a greater risk for pet owners. Reno Public Radio’s Sarah Parks has more.

From late summer through fall, coyote sightings and attacks become more common, especially during the night and early morning.

Chris Healy from the Nevada Department of Wildlife says that they have received many reports of coyote attacks on pets in western Nevada, especially on small dogs.

He recommends removing attractants from the area, including bird seed, pet food and accessible garbage to help reduce the risk of coyote attacks. Also, pet owners need to be aware of the coyotes in their area and be prepared to avoid conflict. 

Here are some tips from the Nevada Department of Wildlife on how to deal with coyotes in our area.

Keep Pets And Family Safe:

  • Put a fence around your property
  • Remove attractants from the area
  • Keep animals leashed when walking
  • Carry a noise making device to scare coyotes off
  • Keep cats and other small animals inside

What To Do If You See A Coyote:

  • Pick up small children and pets
  • Yell and throw objects
  • Attempt to appear as large as possible
  • If the coyote is aggressive, do not run away. Keep eye contact and back away slowly. 
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