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Boarding For Breast Cancer Celebrates 20 Years, Shreds Sierra This Weekend

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Celebrating its 20th year in action, Boarding for Breast Cancer event is hitting the slopes at Sierra at Tahoe this weekend. 

When 26-year-old Monica Steward was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her friends felt like they had to do something about it.

"Monica wanted to do an event to let young people know that, 'Yeah, hey, you can get breast cancer.' Unfortunately she died before the first event, but I was just really inspired by her story."

That's pro snowboarder Megan Pischke, who has been involved with Boarding for Breast Cancer since their first event in Tahoe in 1996. In 2012, shortly after having her second child, Pischke herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. That led her to start B4BC's Chasing the Sunshine program, through which she documents her own cancer journey.

"I really see a lot of our programs going toward 'Okay, we've had cancer and gotten through that, but what's next?' so really looking at the health and wellness aspects of life post-cancer."

Boarding for Breast Cancer has raised more than half a million dollars over the past 20 years, and now hosts dozens of annual events throughout the country. 

Amy Westervelt is a former contributor at KUNR Public Radio.
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