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Iconic 'Believe' Sculpture Finally Finds a Home

Reno City Council has designated a new space for public art. Downtown’s Art Plaza, formerly known as City Plaza, will permanently house several works, including the popular “Believe” sculpture created by Jeff Schomberg. 

“I think it’s a really good spot for it,” Schomberg said. “Public art creates a community gathering space and a great photo op for people, and just a good reason for people to come downtown and enjoy the large-scale art.”

The site also features new public art by local welding company Tutto Ferro, including steel sculptures depicting iconic scenes like the Reno Arch, the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake.

Kevin Moore is a welder for Tutto Ferro.

“It’s been in the plans for a long time. … To see it all come to fruition is pretty rewarding, and it’s worth the trip. It’s right by the river, there’s a lot to see, and you should at least come look at it once,” Moore added.

Some community members also think this site is a way to remember the Mapes Hotel, which, before its demolition in 2000, was located where Art Plaza is today.

“There used to be something here [the Mapes Hotel] that was important to the community,” Reno citizen Jen Huntley said. “It’s important that what replaces it in some way echoes that community essence.”

The city plans to feature more public art on this plaza in the future.

Natalie is a freelance journalist and translator based in Reno, Nevada, who reports in English and Spanish. She also works for the nonprofit SembraMedia, supporting independent, digital Spanish-language media in the United States.
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