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The Nevada Humane Society’s dog adoption event

Two dogs laying in their kennel at the Reno location of the Nevada Humane Society.
Zoe Malen
Two dogs in their kennel at the Nevada Humane Society.

Now through the first week of April, the Nevada Humane Society will be running an adoption event to help get their dogs into a new home.

The sounds of dogs barking filled the Nevada Humane Society’s Reno shelter. The shelter has hit its capacity and cannot take in any more dogs, said Greg Hall, Nevada Humane Society CEO.

“So we're starting an adoption event. It's a promotion, where we're waiving the adoption fees for all dogs over 25 pounds and over six months of age,” Hall said. “It's to try to encourage folks to adopt dogs and find them forever homes.”

They decided to focus on the larger dogs because puppies are always in high demand and adopt quickly. Medium and large sized dogs have a harder time being adopted, Hall said. The reasons vary, but he said it often has to do with landlord restrictions and a person not having a big enough yard.

Hall said if a person cannot adopt a dog, there are still ways to help. Cash donations and volunteering are two options.

“We really, really need volunteers. They're the backbone of our organization, we have over 800 volunteers that are extremely active. And we're always looking to add to that core,” Hall said.

Amber Grey, the dog manager at the Humane Society is really hoping this event will get some dogs a forever home.

“If you are even thinking about getting a dog at some point then come in and see who we have,” Grey said. “We have plenty of amazing dogs that are just sitting here and have nowhere to go and a lot more waiting for a spot here.”

The special adoption event is happening now through April 2.

KUNR's Jacob Kostuchowski is a student at the Reynolds School of Journalism.

Jacob Kostuchowski is a former student reporter at KUNR Public Radio.