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Michele Ravera

Broadcast Host

Michele Ravera joined KUNR in 2014 as a volunteer and was added to the part-time broadcast staff in October 2015.

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Her first volunteer position in radio was reading Sunday comics on the air for individuals with disabilities. 

She spent her formative years inside the Capital Beltway and lived in Boston, Richmond, New York City, and Baltimore. Michele lived in Gerlach, Nevada, before making Reno her home. At 17 she began her career in broadcasting and has worked for numerous stations as a disc jockey, audio engineer, airborne traffic reporter and talk show producer. Michele has spent many years exploring Nevada where she loves to camp, practice nature photography, rock hound and garden.

Anne McMillin, APR

Dr. Cathy Goring has seen many changes while practicing medicine in Reno. In this interview, she provides both the history and the planned future of medical school education in Reno. 

Goring is Chair of the Internal Medicine Department at the school of medicine as well as an academic hospitalist at Renown Health. Leading the discussion is Anne McMillin with the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Susan Hill

While the School of Medicine at  UNR has done internationally recognized biomedical research, it lacks clinical and translational research programs. 

Dr. Thomas L Schwenk wrote an editorial for the School of Medicine website about it and Susan Hill, also with the school, took some time with Dr. Schwenk to get into more detail about what this means and how the school is moving forward to increase it's research programs.

Anne McMillin, APR

March is National Nutrition Month and this year's theme is "Savor the Flavor."

This segment of Health Watch is an in-depth chat about creative and healthful eating, and how to avoid mindless eating and to develop good strategies for better eating habits.

Anne McMillin, APR

There's a proposed Master of Physician Assistant Studies program in the works at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. What is a Physician Assistant (PA) and how is that different from a doctor?

Anne McMillin, APR

It's been making headlines: Zika virus. What do we in Northern Nevada need to know about dealing with it?

Dr. James Wilson, a research associate professor and infectious disease expert in the School of Community Health Sciences gives us insight about the Zika virus that goes beyond what is being mentioned by world health organizations.

Leading this discussion is Anne McMillin of the School of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno.


The Nevada Reduce Sexual Assault, Stalking and Violence Program is a grant-funded project through the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) at the University of Nevada.

Tobie Barton, a program manager of CASAT, speaks with Anne McMillin of the School of Medicine about what the program offers our community and how we can work together to stem sexual violence. 

To become involved with the program on a volunteer level, contact Justine Hernandez at 775-682-8539.

Anne McMillin, APR

The Sanford Center for Aging at the University of Nevada, Reno is now offering a new service called a comprehensive geriatric assessment. The process includes a depression screening, frailty assessment, and many other tests to evaluate a patient's physical, intellectual, and psychological health.

To learn more, Anne McMillin with the University of Nevada School of Medicine interviewed Kelley Macmillan, the director of community and social services for the Sanford Center. 


Anne McMillin, APR

There can be dangers associated with sports conducted in the snow. Dr. Mark Stovak, is a sports medicine physician from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and he spoke about how to best prepare for outdoor winter sports.

Leading the discussion with Stovak is Anne McMillin, APR, with the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Anne McMillin, APR

On this segment of Health Watch we hear about some of the community wellness programs at the University of Nevada thanks to Dr. Susan Harris.

Anne McMillin talks with Harris to find out more about how the programs, which are offered at the Sanford Center for Aging, are designed to support people on their path to health and wellness. The discussion goes into detail about these free-of-charge workshops that are open to the public. 

Anne McMillin, APR

The holidays can be a fun time to get together for celebrations and gatherings. Many holiday events have  higher-calorie food and drinks, so what are some tips to help us make healthy choices and eat better during the holiday season? 

Dr. Karmella Thomas, registered dietitian and manager of the Wellness and Weight Management Center at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, talks about ways to reduce your stress over the possibility of gaining weight at this time of year.