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Recap: Trump's Last Stop In Sparks Before Sweeping Nevada

Marcus Lavergne

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump swept Nevada on Tuesday night, taking almost 46% of the vote. His share is actually more than that of Marco Rubio (almost 24%) and Ted Cruz (21%) combined. 

Trump chose to spend part of his Tuesday afternoon, right before the caucus, in Sparks at the Nugget Casino. Reno Public Radio’s Marcus Lavergne was at that final Northern Nevada rally and has this report.

Trump professed his support for Nevada as a prominent business leader in the state while heavily criticizing his opponents, especially Ted Cruz.  

“These guys they never abandon you because they’re never here,” Trump said. “They make a couple speeches then they’re gone, but Trump, I’m going to be with you all night, all night.”
Trump repeated familiar points on building a wall across the Southern border, keeping Guantanamo Bay open, and bringing U.S. jobs back from countries like China. His fiery rhetoric excited many supporters, guys like Alan Caire, who was selling Trump apparel, and Oregon resident Scott Voelker. 

Scott Voelker and Matthew Brewer attended the Donald Trump rally just ahead of the Nevada's Republican caucus offering their support for the candidate.

  “His policy for president’s great,” Caire said. “I love it. He’s a business man. He’s going to make this country great again.”
“I really like the idea he has of tariffing products made outside the country and bringing them here,” Voelker said. “It helps me and you and our communities and keeps the money in our communities.”
But some, like Cultural Anthropologist Lance Fox were not impressed.
“I think America has always been great,” Fox said. “I see it possibly, culturally heading the other way if Donald is in the house.  The disrespect for other cultures seems to be really up there.”
With caucus results in, it's clear that Trump didn't just win Nevada, he dominated by appealing to a wide range of voters in a state where the electorate is more diverse than some of the early primary spots like Iowa and New Hampshire.


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