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City Of Reno Considering Controversial Vagrancy Rules


The City of Reno is considering controversial vagrancy ordinances that prohibit specific behaviors. Critic argue that the new rules would target the homeless. Our News Director Michelle Billman spoke to our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno to learn more.

The City of Reno’s proposed vagrancy ordinances target specific behaviors, and in particular, the homeless, according to critics of the rules aimed at cleaning up downtown.

A number of rules, put under an umbrella called vagrancy ordinances, would make it illegal to:

1.      Use a cell phone in a cross walk

2.      Climb, stand, sit, lay or sleep on “any public structure not designated … for such purpose”

3.      Spit on any public property in the city

4.      Sit or lie down on the ReTRAC Plaza

5.      Sleep on public or private property without permission

According to city documents, a person convicted of violating sections of these codes,

“shall be punished in lieu of all or part of any fine of imprisonment that may be imposed for the commission of the misdemeanor, a penalty of a minimum of eight hours to a maximum of 200 hours of community service. The community service shall be performed within (downtown Reno).”

Community service — cleaning up trash downtown — is the punishment, if convicted.

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