Amid Opioid Epidemic, New Mental Health, Addiction Treatment Hospital Opens in Reno

May 3, 2018

A new mental health and addiction treatment hospital has opened in south Reno. This news comes as Northern Nevada continues to grapple with the opioid crisis. Our contributor Kaleb Roedel of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly has the story.

Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is the first mental health and addiction treatment hospital to open in Reno in more than 35 years.

The 80,000-square-foot facility has 124 beds. It offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs for psychiatric and addiction treatment for all ages.

Steve Shell is CEO of Signature Healthcare Services, which runs the hospital. He says many area residents have been going to Sacramento or the Bay Area for their treatment due to a lack of providers as Reno's population grows steadily.

But the timing of this new facility has been even more critical than Shell initially realized. Earlier this month, WestCare, a crisis mental health and detox clinic in Reno, abruptly shut its doors.

For the rest of the story, please visit the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.