Amodei On D.C.: 'We Got People Giving Each Other The Stink Eye." | KUNR

Amodei On D.C.: 'We Got People Giving Each Other The Stink Eye."

Feb 12, 2020

As the calendar creeps closer and closer to Nevada's caucus, we've heard from a lot of Democrats about the current state of the nation's capital. So we decided to check in with the Silver State's lone Republican in Congress — 2nd District Representative Mark Amodei.

"We got people calling each other names. We got people giving each other the stink eye ... not that it's been calm the last three years," Amodei said. "I mean, it almost feels like a crescendo. Except I don't want to say that because we'll reach a new low after that, but I'm hoping I'm wrong about it."

The reason for that, Amodei explained, is because the media is creating a toxic environment in Washington. However, the Congressman admits impeachment has also had a hand in creating hostilities between the two parties, the repercussions of which are already being felt.

"I don't think many people have used Donald Trump, his name, in the same sentence as victim maybe ever in his life. But I'll tell you what, [it's] getting pretty close to it," Amodei said. "I don't live and breathe by polls, so we'll see. I can tell you that it looks to me, from the distance I observed, that the president is feeling pretty good about things ... I think he's feeling kind of chipper."

It may also be interesting to see how the political fallout from the impeachment may also affect the general election in November. In 2016, President Trump lost Nevada by only a couple of points. Since then, Republicans have vowed to move the Silver State back into their column. To do that, Amodei said the president needs to remind voters that they're better off today then they were four years ago.

"His challenge is to say, 'Here's all the stuff that we've gotten accomplished and we think that helps the middle class, and if you believe this, we'd appreciate your support.' " Amodei explained. "Having said that, is that going to resonate with voters to say, 'Okay, we're going to give him four more years?' Or is it going to be, 'Hey, we still don't like guy's style and we're voting for anybody else.' "