Artown Photo Exhibit Captures The Humanity of Homelessness

Jul 14, 2015

Photo by Judy Schott. This photo is part of the ARTOWN exhibit "Under Shelter: The Power Within."

A local photographer is challenging the stereotypical way homeless people are often portrayed with a new photo exhibit at the Metro Gallery inside Reno City Hall.  Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray talks with the artist about her work as part of our month-long series on ARTOWN.

A photograph of a blonde toddler dressed in a pink-striped dress with cupcake smeared all over her hands and face captures a rather universal human scene. This color print stands out among the other 24 black-and-white portraits that are a part of the exhibit. Although the photos are of homeless men, women, and children, what one local photographer Judy Schott hopes to express with her work is how we're all more alike than different.