Authorities Find Guns, Ammo In Reno House Of Las Vegas Shooter

Oct 2, 2017

Tuesday, 4 p.m. update:

Investigators have finished searching Stephen Paddock's Reno home, the man who planned the Las Vegas shooting rampage on Sunday. They've found five handguns, two shotguns and a plethora of ammunition.

That brings the total number of guns owned by Paddock to 49. He had 23 guns in his hotel room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, many of which were high-powered, and another 19 at his home in Mesquite.

Paddock bought a house on Del Webb Parkway in the Somersett neighborhood in Northwest Reno in 2013. He lived there with Marylou Danley, who authorities said is a person of interest, but not a suspect.

Monday, 5 p.m. update:

Authorities in Reno, Nevada have been searching a house owned by Stephen Paddock, the man believed to be behind the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

In a quiet retirement village near the California/Nevada stateline, Reno police have blocked off the road leading to a house owned by Paddock as federal officials conduct a search of the premises.

It is not clear when Paddock last visited the home, but neighbors say it has been months since they last saw anybody enter the structure.

Sue Alesevich lives in the neighborhood. She says she’s shocked anybody from the community could have played a role in such a tragic event.

“Yeah, I’m shocked, absolutely shocked,” she said. “We have wonderful professional people who have retired here from California and all over and nobody like that ever. So, I’m just amazed.

Officials with the Reno Police have issued a statement saying that the department has not had prior contact with either Paddock or his female companion Marilou Danley.