Check It Out: Reno Gets New Sidewalk Art

Sep 23, 2016

The city of Reno is testing out a new sidewalk art project named, “Confluence.” Reno Public Radio’s Alexandra Mosher has the story.

Reno residents walking along the Truckee River downtown, may encounter cursive yellow prose winding along the sidewalk.

Artist Todd Gilens and UNR Graduate student Depaul Vera work together to lay the art installation on the corner of Arlington and 1st Street.
Credit Alexandra Mosher

Berkeley artist Todd Gilens and volunteers recently laid the script after Gilens approached the City of Reno to be a part of his project. He’s also putting up similar displays in San Francisco and Mammoth Lakes.

“What I hope people get from the project is a sense of reflection about the space that they’re in.”

Alexis Hill is the Arts, Culture and Events manager for the city,

“We want to see these kind of pieces in our city because arts and culture are a priority for our council and they are a priority for our citizenry and that really came out of our Reimagine Reno campaign and so it’s really exciting to see these kind of things pop up.”

The city will decide after 6 months to a year whether or not Gilens will proceed with the rest of the installation. It all depends on how well the material holds up against the elements and on whether or not citizens enjoy the artwork. 

The finished art piece.
Credit Alexandra Mosher