City Of Reno Puts $1 Million Toward Blight

Apr 15, 2016

Credit City of Reno

Reno has set aside one million dollars to tackle blight across the city. Reno Public Radio's Rocio Hernandez has more.

The Blight Reduction Initiative is a response to concerns Reno residents have voiced about the image of the city.

Councilman Oscar Delgado says people of Reno deserve a cleaner city.

"I pushed hard to make sure we set aside one million dollars to reduce, to fight blight and a lot of that money is going to go towards these neighborhoods to make people feel good about where they live."

The money will go towards cleaning up the Truckee River and neighborhoods all across the city, as well as removing rundown properties. A portion of the money will also be set aside for Neighborhood Renewal grants that homeowners can apply for. Those funds can be used to renovate qualifying neighborhoods.