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Controversial Virginia Lake Donation Comes Through

Feb 3, 2016


A Reno developer's donation to help improve the water quality of Virginia Lake was approved by the Reno City Council last week…but not unanimously. Our contributor from ThisisReno, Bob Conrad, has the story.


Last fall, Reno developer J. Carter Witt withdrew a donation that he had promised to the city in order to help clean up Virginia Lake. At the time, Witt said the city had defaulted on their agreement, but he also expressed dismay about a proposed city labor ordinance that he said would negatively affect his business.

Ultimately, after press attention and criticism from council members, Witt put his offer of $115,000 back on the table last week. Two council members voted no in protest, including Paul McKenzie.

"I am opposed to this item given the past issues surrounding this," McKenzie said. "I would wonder what strings he thinks are attached to this contribution."

Councilwoman Naomi Duerr says the donation is a way for the city to move forward.

"A shout out to a citizen supporter of our city," Duerr said. "Hopefully this will pave the way for other donations to our city as a whole." The lake has had noted problems with its water due in part because of lack of adequate water and circulation.