Despite Republican Infighting, Assembly Passes School Construction Bill

Mar 5, 2015


Two Republican assemblymen are making peace after a physical altercation earlier this week.

John Moore filed a complaint with legislative police against Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson saying he refused to let Moore leave an impromptu meeting in a stairwell of the legislative building. This was during a recess when the two were discussing Moore’s vote on a bill.

Fred Lokken chairs the political science department at Truckee Meadows Community College. He says it’s surprising to see a rift like this take place so early in the session, especially between members of the same party.  

"There are some who feel that this is their first opportunity to see a conservative agenda move forward.  There are others, who have, frankly, within the Republican party, worked their lives to make sure the policies were moderate.”

At the center of this conflict was Moore’s vote against Republican-backed SB 119, which would extend school construction bond rollovers and suspend prevailing wage requirements. Moore ultimately changed his vote after the recess, a move that revived the bill.

After much back-and-forth, the Assembly actually passed that measure Thursday. Reno Public Radio’s Michelle Bliss has those details.

SB 119 is a two-part bill that would extend school construction bonds beyond the term approved by voters in order to ease overcrowding. The measure would also end rules that essentially establish a minimum wage for contractors to abide by.

Democrats loathe the bill and have voiced their opposition, saying it would harm middle-class contractors. Some conservatives also oppose because they see the bond rollover as a tax increase.

 This week, Governor Brian Sandoval signed an emergency bill into law in case this two-part bill wouldn't pass. That law only includes the bond rollover.