The Future Of Lime In Reno

Nov 8, 2018

Lime, the owner of the dockless bike-sharing program, is holding off on launching a new fleet of bikes in Reno, due to theft and vandalism. KUNR contributor Kaleb Roedel of the Northern Nevada Business View has the details.

The program originally deployed 1,000 bikes in Reno with the intention of adding another 3,000, but officials from Lime say the company has been holding off on the request since there are now roughly 530 bikes left in the area.

Lime revealed that the bikes are being destroyed at a rate of nine per week; that's double the amount of other cities.

A number of bikes were stolen and stripped of their locking mechanism prior to the annual Burning Man festival in late August.

In mid-September, the program launched a fleet of e-scooters, which lead to a cease and desist order from the City of Reno, asking Lime to remove the scooters from all communities.

The company says their hands are tied to move forward, as they wait for details from the city for the safest use of their services.

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