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Gov. Sisolak Warns Of Increasing COVID-19 Cases

Nov 20, 2020

Governor Steve Sisolak announced that he is doing well despite contracting COVID-19; however, he warned Nevadans of the dangers that the coronavirus imposes on the state.

Sisolak’s diagnosis was on Nov. 13, and he said that his focus remains on the record numbers of COVID-19 that Nevada is currently experiencing.

“The majority of our counties are deemed at-risk of increased transmission of COVID-19,” said Sisolak Wednesday. “To be blunt, our state is surging and continues to surge.”

Last week, Sisolak announced his “Stay At Home 2.0” policy, which reiterated several social distancing measures. Since then, the state has not seen a significant downtrend in case numbers.

“The issue is that these restrictions only work if people follow them,” said Sisolak. “If people continue to not wear a mask, if they don’t want to social distance or they refuse to comply with the group gathering... Saying them isn’t going to make them work. It’s people implementing them that makes them work.”

COVID-19 Response Director Caleb Cage said that Nevada continues to see exponential growth in COVID-19 hospitalizations driven almost exclusively by Clark and Washoe Counties, which currently account for 97 percent of all hospitalizations.

When asked about business closures, Sisolak said that he will have to wait and see what happens next week before coming to a decision regarding future mitigation strategies.

Jayden Perez is a senior at the Reynolds School of Journalism.