Health Care Is Policy Priority For Veterans Group

Aug 9, 2016

Photo from AMVETS website.

Veterans from every corner of the country are in Reno this week to set policy priorities at the AMVETS national convention. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports a big concern for the group is improving health care.

The group represents American veterans and Amy Webb is the legislative policy advisor.

“They receive a lot of specialized health care, not only mental health care,” Webb explains, “but any type of traumatic brain injury or amputations or wounds as a result of service or war.”

Webb says one way to increase access to health care is by partnering with local health agencies.

“AMVETS is supporting the VA in their goal of consolidating community care so when there are different access issues across the country,” Webb says, “they partner with community providers and the veteran is able to get in as soon as possible, whether for mental or physical health issues.”

Long wait times plague the VA system, with about half-a-million vets waiting at least a month for care and tens of thousands more waiting even longer.