Heat Wave could Break Reno Record | KUNR

Heat Wave could Break Reno Record

Jun 28, 2013

With this weekend's rising temperatures in many Western states, Reno could exceed its all-time highest temperature for June, which was a 104-degree day recorded back in 1940. The National Weather Service is forecasting a high above 100 degrees for five consecutive days. Meteorologist Brian Brong says Reno's elevation and lack of humidity usually help the area cool down at night, but that won't be the case over the next several days. "It's a really abnormally strong high pressure system. When they don't move much, it just allows the heat to keep building and building day after day. So what happens is each night the temperature keeps going up, so when the sun rises there's already a higher temperature. Instead of sunrise being like fifty degrees, it's sunrise at seventy degrees." This heat wave is not expected to break Reno's record high of 108, which has occurred three times--twice in 2002 and then again in 2007. It also is not projected to break the record for the most consecutive days above 100 degrees, which occurred for ten days back in July of 2005. Along with the extreme heat, forecasters are also predicting thunderstorms in the next few days, which can pose safety risks for people cooling off in open water as well as an elevated fire risk considering the area's continued drought conditions.