'Hookers For Hillary' Raises Issues, Eyebrows Ahead Of Caucus

Feb 17, 2016

Credit hookersforhillary.com

Nevada sex workers have launched a campaign to support Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey has more.

Calling themselves "Hookers For Hillary," about 500 sex workers employed by notorious pimp Dennis Hof are backing Clinton.

"She is a woman and it's time that we have a woman in the office,” says Ivy May, who works at the Love Ranch outside Carson City.

May says one of the biggest reasons she and her coworkers support Clinton is her promise to protect the Affordable Care Act.  

"We get classified as legal working girls, and it's really hard for us to get health insurance,” she says. “And we get tested weekly for HIV and STDs, and with the health insurance it really does help."

Before Obamacare, May says she couldn't get coverage at all, and worries that Republican candidates would likely try to repeal it.

Although known for publicity stunts, brothel owner Dennis Hof says this campaign is genuine.

"We started all this before I joined the Libertarian party, because I'm really a pretty conservative guy, but I think it’s important for them to get involved in the process,” he says.

Hof also plans to enter the political arena. Hof says he’ll be running for an assembly seat in District 36 in Pahrump, currently held by Republican James Oscarson.