Horses On Roadways Cause Concern in South Reno

Nov 30, 2015

Credit ThisIsReno, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District

State officials are working to keep horses off roadways in Pleasant Valley, south of Reno.

Earlier this month, a driver was injured and two horses were killed after colliding at the intersection of old 395 and Rawhide Drive. 

"Feral horses have been coming down there fairly recently quite a bit," said Flint Wright with the state department of agriculture. " They're crossing the road there because they're looking for access to feed and water on the opposite side."

Wright was speaking to our local media partner ThisisReno. His department is working in that area to build more cattle guards and fix fences so that, hopefully, fewer horses will traverse such a high-traffic zone. Until then, Wright says drivers should be ready for the possibility of horses on roadways in the Virginia Range area, including Highway 50.