How Q6 Could Impact Renewable Energy In Nevada

Oct 16, 2018

The upcoming ballot includes Question 6, an initiative that will mandate the increase of production of energy from renewable energy sources in Nevada. Our reporter Paolo Zialcita spoke with UNR associate professor of chemical engineering Charles Coronella about the state of renewable energy in Nevada. 

Question 6 would increase Nevada's renewable portfolio standard to 50% by the year 2030. Renewable portfolio standards mandate how much renewable energy the state is supposed to produce.  

In 1997, Nevada became one of the first states to adopt a renewable portfolio standard. Since then, the state has fallen behind compared to other states. 

“Nevada was ahead of the country. We had the number one leading expectations for renewable energy. Right now, we're sort of in the middle of the pack,” Coronella said.

According to Coronella, Nevada has the potential to become one of the nation's’ leading markets for renewable energy.

“Anybody who lives here knows we’ve got an awful lot of sun. We’ve got more sun available than any other state in the country,” Coronella said. “The potential to produce solar power is quite high, certainly lots of room for growth.”