How To Save 10 Percent Of Your Water

Apr 28, 2015

The Truckee River in downtown Reno is down to a trickle after the Boca Reservoir was closed early this year.
Credit Alexa Ard

The Truckee Meadows Water Authority is asking customers to voluntarily cut their water usage by ten percent. To figure out how to actually do that, we reached out to local experts who offered these tips:

Tip #1: Monitor and adjust your irrigation system

People use four times more water in the summer to irrigate their lawns. Here's Master Gardener Wendy Hanson-Mazet from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension with a tip on how to cut back on that amount.

Tip #2: Use mulch

How can using the right mulch save water? We talk with Master Gardener Hanson –Mazet to learn more. 

Tip #3: Fix that leaky toilet

A leaky toilet is the biggest source of water waste indoors. Andy Gebhardt with the Truckee Meadows Authority with a simple fix for this common problem:

Tip #4: Skip the bath

For conservation, is it better to take a shower or bath? Andy Gebhardt with TMWA has that answer:

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