Interview: Reid Talks Energy Summit, Retirement, And Protecting Sandoval's Tax Plan

Aug 21, 2015


The National Clean Energy Summit is Monday in Las Vegas. Democratic Senator Harry Reid says that rooftop solar power and the growing pains of that industry will be a major topic of discussion.

"We have electricity that's produced and then sent to the consumers on power lines," Reid explains. "That's a model that was developed by Westinghouse and Edison. Well, that was before the Model T Ford. Now, we have a new world where consumers can produce their own electricity. They don't have to depend on a power company to do that."

Reid founded the National Clean Energy Summit 8 years ago. While recently in town, he spoke to Reno Public Radio News Director Michelle Bliss about the summit, along with the upcoming presidential election and his support for Governor Sandoval's historic tax plan, which passed through the legislature earlier this year. 

Reid says he'll do anything he can to help the tax package survive a potential challenge at the ballot. 

"I'm a Democrat. Sandoval's a Republican. We're friends, and we don't agree on everything, but I do believe what Brian did in this last legislative session was masterful."

Reid says Sandoval's work getting the $1.1 billion tax package passed is critical for repairing Nevada's suffering education system.

Opponents of the tax hikes say the package was adopted against the will of voters who overwhelmingly rejected the margins tax on last year's ballot.