KUNR Wins 8 AP Awards | KUNR

KUNR Wins 8 AP Awards

May 16, 2018

The 2017 Associated Press Television and Radio Awards were recently announced, and KUNR walked away with eight different awards in the radio II category.

The awards include first place in Outstanding News Operation, first and second place in Best Reporter with Anh Gray and Paul Boger, respectively, and multiple awards for student work. Students Stephanie Serrano and Jacob Solis were not entered into student categories; they were competing on a professional level. 

Serrano's first place award for Best Sports Reporting brought attention to KUNR's special partnership with Noticiero Móvil, which provides bilingual radio stories for Northern Nevada.

Here is the full list of KUNR award winners, as well as links to the stories and programs:

Outstanding News Operation Radio II: First Place - KUNR

Best Reporter: First Place - Anh Gray, Second Place - Paul Boger

Best Continuing Coverage: First Place - "Reno Mourns for Las Vegas" Our reporting team included: Noah Glick, Paul Boger, Anh Gray, Jacob Solis and Michelle Billman.

Best Sports Reporting: First Place - "Reno 1868 FC's Fan Base is Growing Fast" Stephanie Serrano, story available in English and Spanish

Best Weather Reporting: First Place - "Flooding Leaves Lemmon Valley Residents Underwater" Noah Glick

Best Spot News Coverage: Second Place - "Las Vegas Tragedy Reverberating at UNR" Jacob Solis

Best Public Service: Second Place "Understanding Nevada's Opioid Crisis." Anh Gray was sole reporter, Michelle Matus was digital editor, and Michelle Billman was managing editor.