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The Last Decade Saw Lots Of Change For Many In Reno

Dec 30, 2019

2020 is almost here and that means a new decade is underway. Before we welcome in the New Year, KUNR’s Bree Zender and Stephanie Serrano traveled around Reno to see how the last decade went for people here in Northern Nevada. 

Bree: We started our adventure on a blistering cold day at Rancho San Rafael park.

Stephanie: But people are out getting fresh air despite the weather, like Jasmine Tennent. This decade was a big one for her.

Bree: Jasmin became a mother! She was on a walk with her one-year-old daughter. She moved to Reno four years ago.

“This is my daughter. She’s almost 15 months now," Jasmin said. "My husband and I got married and bought a house. The housing market has gotten a lot more expensive, that's for sure. As for ren,t a lot has changed over the last four years.”

Stephanie: We then headed to the dog park, where we meet Wailana Gandeza and her dog Lani, who looks like a medium-sized leopard with a sweater.

Bree: Wailana grew up surfing in Hawaii and made a big move to Reno four years ago. She wanted to pursue her education and fall in love with snowboarding. She also accepted family changes.

“When I was growing up, my parents divorced. My dad ended up finding someone else, and now he kind of started his own family. And so now I have two little brothers," Wailana said. "I met someone amazing back home and he was willing to move out of here while I started my new journey, and school and everything. S,o now here we are in Reno, all the way from Hawaii. And we have a beautiful little dog.”

Stephanie: From the park, we drove to the Truckee River and stopped by Hub Coffee Roasters. Meet barista Trace Hunter. He’s 23 now.

"Life's changed pretty drastically. You hit coming of age, I would say [at] about 21, you learn a lot of things. You start growing up. You start to see the real world for what it's worth. Good and bad occurs," Trace said. "I would say I experienced a lot more bad than good, but those kinds of things make you into a better person."

Bree: Now, we head next door at Dorinda's chocolates. We find Teri Phenix, who’s been with the company from its start in Truckee 10 years ago. The company opened its Reno location this past decade.

"It used to be very scary," Teri said. "When we first got here we had the police come and they'd give us their cards, and say if you have any problems, give us a call. We've had a few hiccups, but other than that, it's been a great location."

Stephanie: Teri gave out dog treats to her favorite doggy regulars, like Buster the black pug. Buster's owner Mike Reams said he’s had Buster most of the decade. He said the dog saved his life, by getting him through some serious health problems.

"In the middle of the decade, I ended up with quadrupedal bypass open heart surgery and cancer. A lot of the skin cancer stuff," Reams said. "But I got through it all and I'm doing great. I'm still trying to get all of my energy back, but I'm doing really well. I'm blessed that I survived. I don't want to say survived. I want to say I overcame it."

Bree: What do you think, Steph? What advice are you giving yourself to start the new decade?

Stephanie: I want to do things that scare me. What about you, Bree?

Bree: Hm. Be nicer to myself.

Happy New Year from all of us at KUNR Public Radio!