Local Group Bringing Refugee Families To Reno

Aug 25, 2016

Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo are coming to Reno this week as part of a federal government resettlement program. Our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno.com has the story.

The Northern Nevada International Center is welcoming two families from Congo, as part of a program that resettles refugees from around the world to the U.S.

The center’s Carina Black says Reno will get up to 75 new refugees in the coming year.

“We’re working with various faith communities that are adopting families, and stock their apartments with furniture and household goods,” she says. “And then we’ll take over, get them enrolled in school and get them into employment and ESL situations.”

Black says that 75 percent of refugees become self-sufficient within five months of settlement. She gave a presentation this week at the Washoe County Commission meeting, which drew some opposition during public comment.

Specifically, resident Garth Elliott said he’s concerned that refugees could be Islamic extremists and should be vetted before coming to the U.S.

Black says refugees go through multiple layers of screening during a lengthy period before a refugee application is processed.