Martis Valley West Project Hits Major Roadblock

Jul 9, 2016

Credit Amy Westervelt

The Placer County Planning Commission voted last week to reject the Martis Valley West development in Tahoe.

The controversial project would bring 760 new million-dollar homes to the Brockway ridge, between Kings Beach and Northstar.

Like many local residents, Peggy Nicklaus of Carnelian Bay was concerned about this project and others.

"There are so many projects in the pipeline, already approved, looking at Boulder Bay to Homewood to Alpine to Squaw," Nicklaus said at a public hearing last month, "and I think it's tragic that we aren't looking at and evaluating these projects on a regional basis."

At that public hearing last month, the commission heard several hours of comments, most of them negative. The project now goes to the board of supervisors for final evaluation.