Meet Reno's New Manager: Sabra Smith Newby

Apr 3, 2017

The City of Reno has selected Sabra Smith Newby as its new manager. Our News Director Michelle Billman talks to Bob Conrad of ThisisReno to learn more about the city’s newest leader, who will start next month.

Sabra Smith Newby
Credit City of Reno

KUNR: Bob, what do we know about Sabra Smith Newby?

Bob Conrad: Newby is currently the assistant Clark County manager, so she comes from Southern Nevada. She does have ties to Northern Nevada. When she was being interviewing publicly by the city council, she touted that connection to Northern Nevada as part of her portfolio of experience.

KUNR: How was Newby able to stand out among other candidates?

BC: I think she presented herself extremely well. She has a lot of good ideas on how to relate to people and the council. As you, know this is not always an easy council—like any are—but she definitely touted her ability to convey information honestly and fairly, so I think the council was impressed with that.

KUNR: Bob, what type of situation or environment is Newby inheriting over at city hall?

BC: The current climate at city hall is reported to be one with very low morale among employees. The investigation that was conducted last year into sexual harassment allegations against the former city manager, basically, indicated that there was a lot of dysfunction at the upper levels of city hall, and so, that is what we know at this point. And there has been some talk, people saying things like they hope Mrs. Newby comes in and cleans house, and things like that. We don’t know. We don’t know what she’s going to do, if anything, so that, I think, remains to be seen.

KUNR: Bob Conrad of ThisisReno, thank you.

BC: Thank you.