More Than 50 Carson Artists Showcased At Reno Airport

Feb 27, 2019

Fifty-three Carson City artists are putting their work on a stage seen by millions a year, the walls of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Holly Hutchings has the story.

As travelers make their way to their flights, the path to the C gates is filled with people milling about as a unique art gallery is being unveiled. Vibrantly painted parasols hang on one wall across from dozens of paintings. Artist Cynthia Brenneman started the parasol project. 

A crowd of enough people to fill a 737 stands inside the airport, taking in the sites of a new art exhibit featuring Carson City artists.
Credit Holly Hutchings / KUNR

“We just bought parasols and looked for artists to paint them," Brenneman said. "They were supposed to pick out their favorite artist and represent it on the parasol, but they did other things, too.”

Artist Cyndy Brenneman stands in front of some of the many parasols painted by artists in her community. They've been many places, now making a home at a temporary art installation at the Reno Tahoe International Airport.
Credit Holly Hutchings / KUNR

Nearly 200 people came to kick off this showcase.

“The Carson city arts community, they deserve this recognition," said Mark Salinas, Carson City's Arts and Culture Coordinator. "These are some real artists here. Some of them are teaching our youth. Others are teaching adults. Others here are making annual events that celebrate the history and culture of the state.”

Salinas says landing in this big of a venue is a milestone for the small city looking to make its mark in the arts.

It’s not just exposure for individuals. City Marketing and Tourism Director David Peterson says piqued curiosity could mean money.

“It may allow us to capture a visitor who wasn’t going to swing through Carson City, right?" Peterson said. "They’ll see we have so much to offer that maybe they decide they want to come back and spend a weekend with us.” 

The art will hang through April.