Nevada Looks At A Pension Plan For Private Workers

Sep 13, 2018

Officials in Nevada are working to create a system aimed at helping workers in the state's private sector save for retirement. Our contributor Kaleb Roedel of the Northern Nevada Business View has more.

More than 50 percent of employers in Nevada don't have a pension plan for their workers, but that may soon change. 

The Nevada Task Force on Financial Security recently voted on a plan called the Nevada Employees Saving Trust. The proposal will help create a state operation to provide private employees the ability to save for their retirement.

The task force reported this could save the state $24 million over 15 years. The force expects that it would lead to a lower demand for Medicaid, food stamps and housing subsidies.

The committee split was on the idea and the task force accepted 20 recommendations as they discussed different ways to accommodate the plan.

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