Nevada Receiving Assistance In State's Juvenile Justice Review

Jul 13, 2016

Credit Michael Coghlan / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nevada is receiving federal assistance to help complete a thorough review of the state’s juvenile justice system. Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick reports that the goal is to gather important data that will help the state refine its practices.

Nevada beat out 17 other states to receive technical help from the Council of State Governments Justice Center, a nonprofit nonpartisan organization which will be conducting the review. 

Right now, juvenile arrests are down statewide and youth incarceration is at its lowest point in ten years.

But the real issue, according to Governor Brian Sandoval, is making sure millions of dollars in state funding are being used most effectively.

“We have done great things in this state, but we know we can be better," he says, "And one of the important components of that is communication and making sure we’re putting the money where it needs to go in terms of having the right outcomes that we seek.”

Sandoval announced a new task force will be in charge of the review and will make recommendations to the legislature during the 2017 session. First lady Kathleen Sandoval and retiring State Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Siatta will lead this effort.