Nevada Selects New Welcome Signs

May 17, 2016

Four Nevada high school students will have their work showcased on new “Welcome to Nevada” highway signs being installed throughout the state this summer.

The students won an art contest put on by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. Bethany Drysdale is with the department and spoke to our media partner KNPR in Las Vegas. She says that these signs will replace the old, familiar signs that include a lonely miner.

“Well, you know, that sign that people are so familiar with is not present in the rest of the state. That sign is due to be replaced; it’s been up for quite awhile. It’s time really to bring in a fresh look for the state and a cohesive look,’ she says.”

Drysdale says that old highway signs are usually destroyed, but because of community input, the Department of Transportation will actually raffle them off this summer so that interested members of the public can keep those pieces of state history.

Note: This story was produced with content from this interview on KNPR.