Nevada Think Tank Taking State To Court Over Public Records

Jul 13, 2016

Credit Ken Lund/CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Nevada Public Employees' Retirement System or PERS is once again being taken to court over public records. Our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno has the story.

The Nevada Policy Research Institute or NPRI is petitioning the state Supreme Court to intervene in what members say is an intentional effort by PERS to evade the state's public records act.

NPRI spokesman Joseph Becker says that last year the group requested retirement documents to include on its website, which maintains the salary information of public employees.

Becker says they were requesting the same information as in previous years, but that PERS has changed how it maintains records. Instead of providing retiree names, the PERS report replaced names with social security numbers. Since social security numbers cannot be shared publicly, the numbers were then redacted, leaving a list of payment made to unknown recipients.

PERS has not responded to requests for comment.