Nevada Tourism Campaign Aimed At Millennials

Sep 30, 2015

Travel Nevada highlights unique attractions across the state, including Jiggs Bar outside Elko.
Credit Sydney Martinez / Travel Nevada

Nevada is launching a fresh tourism campaign focused on attracting Millennials to the state. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss has more.

The Nevada Commission on Tourism has approved a new fall and winter advertising blitz, including two commercials that will run in Nevada and neighboring states.

The spots feature travelers who make friends with a wide array of memorable Nevada characters, including bikers, famous chefs and cowboys. They close with the tagline, "Go home with more stories than souvenirs."

State tourism director Claudia Vecchio recently spoke with our public media partner KNPB. She said that in the past, they've focused more heavily on attracting baby boomers and convention-goers.

"But we know that marketing to what we term as millenials--those people 25 to 40--really does help Nevada gain a great loyalty among young travelers," Vecchio explained. "And we know that they will then be more likely to stay with us as life progress."

Vecchio says Nevada has improved its return on investment and is now bringing in $33 in tourism revenue for every $1 spent on advertising. The campaign will begin running next month.