Not One, But Two Horse Exhibits In Reno

Mar 11, 2016

Credit Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada Museum of Art has not one--but two--horse exhibitions on display right now. The first is called, well, The Horse and it's a traveling show that shares the history of horses, which were actually pretty different 50 million years ago.

"Some of them were the size of small dogs all the way up to the size of present day horses," says JoAnne Northrup with the museum. "There was a huge range of forms, too. Some of them looked a little bit more like zebras. It's just crazy."

Northrup says the other exhibit is local, and it's called Horses in the American West. The museum teamed up with the Western Folklife Center in Elko to collect paintings, sculptures, and photos emphasizing the complex relationship between humans and horses. That exhibit will head to Elko in early July.