NV Dems Dump Caucus App For New System

Feb 4, 2020

Iowa democrats were thrown for a loop in their caucus reporting on Monday, due to coding errors on their app.

The Nevada State Democratic Party is ditching the app it was planning to use for its Feb. 22 caucus because it was developed by Shadow, Inc., the same organization that built Iowa's app. Until last night, Shadow, Inc. had a contract with the NV Dems.

Party Director Alana Mounce said the NV Dems don't have a specific plan for the app's replacement, which could go to paper-only.

“We are considering every option to be able to make sure that we continue to have the most transparent, accessible and expansive caucus,” Mounce said.

The NV Dems paid $58,000 to Shadow, Inc. for the app, according to data from the Federal Elections Commission. Party officials declined to say whether or not they will receive a refund.