Playa Art Project Brings Burning Man Art To Reno

Oct 4, 2016

Art from the playa will soon take up residence in downtown Reno within a newly vacated lot on Virginia Street. Our reporter Bob Conrad has the story.

Two motels were recently demolished at that location, and the Reno City Council approved this week a proposal to turn the parcel into a temporary sculpture park.

City staff have been working with an arts nonprofit to place the Burning Man art at a city location, and the lot at 520 North Virginia Street was chosen after the motels were demolished.

The Playa Art Project will consist of at least six sculptures and will remain in place for six to 12 months. The city will pay for the project’s insurance. A grand opening is scheduled for November 10.

The city also approved the purchase of a $50,000 dragonfly sculpture for Virginia Lake. The sculpture will be installed in the southern portion of the lake and will be paid for from room tax funds and residential construction tax funds.