Policing Symposium In Reno Adds Discussion Tailored To Undocumented Immigrants

Apr 18, 2016

Leaders from community groups and law enforcement agencies gathered in May of 2015 for that year's symposium on race and policing.
Credit Symposium on Race and Policing 2015

Law enforcement agencies across Northern Nevada are getting ready to hear the questions and concerns community members have regarding their work. Our reporter Rocio Hernandez has more.

During work hours, there's hardly any time for police officers to hear from the public. Emmanuel Barthe is a criminal justice professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, and an organizer for this week’s Symposium on Race and Policing. He says the purpose of the event is to create a dialogue.

“It’s an ongoing discussion between the law enforcement community and the public in terms of what's happening in policing, community concerns and what needs to be done for the future.”

This year, the organizers have added a full-length discussion catered to undocumented immigrants to help them understand what will happen if they come in contact with police.

“For instance, a minor traffic stop will not lead to deportation proceedings.”

Barthe says past symposiums have led to changes in police procedures, which the officers will present at the meeting.