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Potentially Record-Setting Heat in Forecast

Jun 27, 2013

There could be five days of record-breaking heat in western Nevada and eastern California beginning on Friday. Temperatures in western Nevada are expected to go as high as 107 degrees. On Sunday, Reno is forecast to reach 103, which would set the record for the all-time hottest day for June. Jeffrey Page, the emergency management director for Lyon County, cautions residents to be aware of their surroundings, understanding that urban areas can be hotter than open spaces. "Out here in south Lyon County, we don't have as much pavement and cement and buildings to hold the heat as you would in downtown Reno. So if you're in downtown Reno shopping and enjoying the weekend, you may experience higher temperatures than you would say out at Lake Lahontan and south Lyon County." But open areas can pose their own risks as well: "My main concern are the folks who visit Lyon County, specifically dealing with Lahontan Lake and Fort Churchill State Park, and they get out playing in the sun all day long and they don't realize how hot is because they've been out in the water." The heat is expected to last at least through Tuesday. Learn more on how to prepare for this weekend's extreme temperatures.