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Property Makeover Forcing Some Low-Income Residents Out

Jun 5, 2017

A property in downtown Reno is getting a makeover, forcing some of its residents to look for more affordable housing. Our News Director Michelle Billman spoke with contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno to learn more. 


A recently announced property makeover by Colorado’s Jacobs Entertainment has some residents looking for a new place to live.

Those living at two boarding houses on Ralston Street said that they are being evicted by the previous property owners to make way for new owners Jacobs Entertainment, which owns Gold Dust West at Fourth and Vine.

The company announced recently that it plans to improve the Sands Regency and nearby properties in partnership with the Reno Housing Authority.

Gold Dust West’s Jim Buchanan said today that the previous owner had six months to have the property vacated and was issuing eviction notices, but when Gold Dust West’s owners found out some residents were still in place, they backed off on the evictions.

“We purchased it six months ago, and in the agreement there was a clause that the owner … the owner wanted to keep the place for six months, and then we would take over,” he said. “We figured he would spend those six months relocating people.”

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